I’m Starting a New Diet!

Do you ever feel like the picture above is how your mind looks? Me too. Lately, I’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in my mind, and I’m finding there is a lot of thinking going on – and I don’t mean necessarily negative thinking – there are a lot of positive thoughts in there too.

Let’s face it – I am addicted to thinking. Is all this thinking a good thing? I decided it was time to pull my Eckhart Tolle books off the shelf and give myself a refresher course. For me Eckhart is a living master on the subject of thought and no thought.

My friends have often heard me say, “when you are in the present moment there is no thinking. When the mind is thinking it is either coming up with thoughts about the past or projecting into the future.” I absolutely believe this is true, but…

Here’s the question: How often do I practice and have a knowing experience of this truth? What is my frequency of living in the NOW?

I say I want to live in conscious connection with the Divine, and I do. Instead, I often allow myself to be hijacked by the mind and its stressful thoughts — like wanting, needing, and fearing — for hours, and maybe even days. Instead of Being, I am acting and reacting.

Here’s my starting plan for ending my addiction to thinking:

  • Step 1. Be disciplined. Take these truths you say you believe literally and practice them constantly – choose to live in the NOW instead of getting lost in the mind’s insanity.
  • Step 2. Choose over and over to trust the Divine (Source, God, All That Is) and know that I am safe.
  • Step 3. Observe and follow the example of a sapling. It doesn’t strive and struggle to become a tree – it lives in the present moment knowing it’s growth is assured.

You know what’s really insane? Living in the NOW, the present moment, feels so good and is so much more fun. Why would I ever want to live any other way?!

ps. I am fully aware that this is by far the most difficult addiction I’ll ever attempt to conqueror.

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