Who's Pulling My Strings

“Who’s Pulling My Strings” takes the reader beyond theory and lists of things to do to change their life.  It shows what it will be like to take these life-changing steps, and what to do when obstacles seem to be blocking your path.

As you travel with Mardi on her journey, you feel like she is also your companion on the expedition to your inner universe, understanding your fears, encouraging you to touch your core and find your heart.  Mardi talks with you as if the two of you are sitting in your living room having an intimate conversation.


Who's Pulling My Strings

Companion Writing Journal

Most of us rarely, or maybe never, take the time to ask the question, "Who's pulling my strings?" Instead we often find we are living somewhat like puppets between two worlds, knowing there is more to us, more to life -- yet running from knowing our true worth and magnificence. This writing journal is your journey inward to meet your wisdom within to explore and release what is keeping you from knowing the beauty that is you. It is a time to disarm anything that takes you away from the awareness of and ability to live your greatness.

In this fun and revealing adventure, you will discover the following:
1. The thoughts and beliefs in your mind that are running your life
2. The person within you that formed these beliefs
3. The voices of others still playing in your mind
4. How to let go and become free of old beliefs and programming
5. How to forgive yourself, your past, and wounds from others
6. Learn to love and accept yourself without conditions
This is your time now to fully remember your worth the magical gift that will become yours as you embark on this expedition into you and remembering your magnificence.

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