Hay House Interview finally happening!

My Hay House Internet Radio interview is finally going to air! I am inviting you to listen to it. It’s short – less than 10 minutes.

Tune in this Friday, February 1, at 1pm PST – 2pm AZ time.

Here’s the link: Hay House Internet Radio Interview

They told me it would air in 4 to 6 weeks when I recorded the interview in August about my “Who’s Pulling My Strings?” books. Then silence until two days ago.

Of course there has been a lot of chatter in my mind about it. Funny thing, this critical voice in the mind saying things like:

“They aired it and forgot to tell you they did.”

“It was so bad they trashed it and didn’t air it.”

“It probably wasn’t any good, so you don’t want anyone to hear it.”

Is it any good? I don’t know. I’ll be hearing it for the first time when it airs on Friday. Nervous? Yeah, I am a little rattled about having the guts to ask you to listen to something that I am unsure I will feel good about. And I’m doing it anyway.

Here’s how I’m dealing with it. I told the little girl in me to “be brave and put on her big girl pants — that everyone, including me, is her friend and we won’t be judgy.”

Most likely I will tell myself it isn’t perfect. As I write this I have to ask – what is perfection? My definition of perfection today is:

Giving our best we have to give at any given time. Isn’t that really all that is asked of us?


  1. MaryAnn May on February 1, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    You needn’t have worried. The interview was great. By the way, you have a terrific “radio voice”—- very pleasant to listen to. I appreciated your thoughts about how “doing the work” can be so scary and intimidating. Your companion workbook/guide helps to lessen some of those fears. I am so proud of you and your accomp;ishments.

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