Are You Satisfied?

Is this a trick question? You might think so after you read my thoughts on the subject.

Maybe the more relevant question is,

“Do you want to feel satisfied, and what are you willing to do about it?”

We all have our wish lists of things we want, our dreams – right? Where are you in your mind while you are on your way to the next level or dream? It is important to be aware of where your thinking and energy is.

Why?  If your dream is fueled by what you don’t have and wish you did – what is the attracting energy you are broadcasting?

The best answer here is counter-intuitive. Being a person whose life is heavily influenced by intuition, I love learning things that are counter-intuitive – they’re the  exact opposite of what I think they should be.

I have wasted a lot of time throughout the years saying & writing affirmations, thinking I needed to repeatedly affirm what I wanted to be different in my life. I’m embarrassed to say I even have notebooks full of writing them over and over – all the time doing it with my energy resting in dissatisfaction with what I didn’t like or want in my life.

At the time I was convinced that affirmations don’t work. But in truth it isn’t words that produce manifestations – it’s the energy we’re putting out into the Universe. My energy was not aligned with my words. That’s why the affirmations didn’t work.

So here’s the deal –

1.     You are the creator of your reality.

2.     This means you are going to get more of wherever you are focusing your energy.

3.     If your energy is aligned with what you wish was different, you are going to get more of what you wish was different.

What am I supposed to do?

1.     State your dream – maybe even write it down – then let it go. Trust the Universe to show you how.

2.     Allow yourself to imagine how you will feel when the dream has manifested.

3.     Be in the present moment and feel satisfied with your life just the way it is.

4.     Let go and relax in knowing your dream is on its way.

5.     Be open to receive inspiration that will direct you to whatever action is needed.

Being Satisfied in every moment is essential to manifesting our dreams/goals.

We have have a tendency to think we have to “make it happen.” We allow our dissatisfaction with our current status to drive us to do, do, do. Work hard – don’t let up on your efforts to change your life. This is “the way of the world.”

I admit I forget and fall into this trap time and time again – for me it takes discipline and staying conscious to follow the 5 steps above. It also takes being willing let go of fear and trust the process.

How do I practice Being Satisfied?

The way that works best for me is to say out loud to me, “Mardi, I really like my life.” Then, my mind automatically starts focusing on what I like and feeling the satisfaction. There are usually lots of little things that add up to a lot. I was just at my local library, and as I walked out the door I said, “I really like my life,” and I immediately started noticing and appreciating the beauty of the trees around the library – and I felt satisfied.  Wow, I thought as I smiled to myself, this really works!

You might find you like keeping a Gratitude, or as I like to say, an Appreciation Journal. When you do this, don’t just write down stuff you think up – stop and feel your appreciation, your satisfaction – really feel it and receive it.

Remember – it is the energy you are broadcasting that makes the difference.

Here’s to Feeling Satisfied!


  1. David on October 10, 2018 at 9:40 am

    I love this!!! I used to believe that by focusing my energy and really “dialing it in” I would create what I want. When in actuality its all about letting go and letting gratitude wash over you. Just relax and breathe in all that’s good around and in you.

  2. Shara Terry on October 10, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Great comments David! It really can be that easy…so simple. I also find that smiling has my insides smile as well! Plus it makes others smile which reinforces the good in all. Colors are brighther, nature is recognized and we have an inner skip. Great blog Mardi 🙂

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