Are You Pre-paving a Smooth Road?


They’re putting down new pavement on Scottsdale Road in front of my community – what a mess at first as they roughed it up to get rid of all the old bumps and cracks in the pavement. Now, it is smooth and quiet – a total joy to drive on it. Isn’t that just how we want our lives to be?

It reminds me of one of my favorite metaphors for how we create our lives – it’s called pre-paving. We are pre-paving all the time. The question is – are we doing it consciously to create our lives flowing the way we want?

Pre-paving is fun – now that the kid in me gets it she is really having a good time with it. It almost feels like a playing a game. Pre-paving works for things as simple as finding a good parking place and having an easy time in traffic — to major happenings like new careers, finding a mate or in my current case creating book sales.

How do you Pre-pave?

1.     Decide what you want to create

2.     Believe in your mind it is possible

3.     Make sure your emotions are aligned and you can feel it happening

4.     Send your energy out ahead of you to pre-pave the way

It is all about being in alignment with what you want.

Pre-paving isn’t about hard work to make it happen. There is nothing for you to “do.”

It is all about you being willing to “allow.”

I know I am making this sound very simplistic and easy. Well, it is. And, I’m telling you no one has had a harder time figuring this out and “getting it” than I have. Why? Because I wasn’t willing to believe I was a powerful being that created her reality. Instead, I’ve lived many of my years as a puppet letting everyone else and life pull my strings. Even after I wrote the book, “Who’s Pulling My Strings? I still didn’t get what literal creators we all are.

In defense of us all – pre-paving and knowing how powerful we are isn’t something we were taught. Our parents didn’t know it – schools still aren’t teaching it – governments don’t want us to know it. And this doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Very few humans really have a clue to how powerful we are. Or is it that we are afraid to know and own our creative power. We may give lip service to it – saying “our thoughts create our reality” – but maybe we don’t believe it.

I am inviting you to a challenge – lets begin proving to ourselves what a powerful beings we are. Let’s consciously practice pre-paving.

Start with small stuff

Start with things that are easy and fun and non-threatening. Think of it like anytime you’ve had to wrap your head around learning something new. You tried, you fell down, got up and tried again. You practice, practice, practice.

You very well may try and fail – this doesn’t mean you aren’t this all-powerful being I’m saying you are. It simply means you are not in total alignment in your body, mind and spirit. When this happens, check in with yourself. It’s your mystery to solve – to discover what part of you is holding onto a belief that is not in alignment, like —

–I Don’t deserve

–I have to work hard for anything worthwhile

–If I get what I want something bad will happen

–You have to get everything perfect before you can have what you want

While I intellectually know 100% everything I’ve written here is true, I frequently still don’t have 100% knowing in my body. If I did I’d be walking on water.  I am practicing, practicing, practicing.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to uncover and heal yet another un-healed aspect and bring me closer to being the me I was meant to be.

I invite you to join me.


  1. Shara on June 24, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    Mardi, love how you think and putting chaos into perspective. It truly can be this easy if we get out of our own way!

  2. David Rieker on June 26, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Awesome!!! Great message and I love the delivery. Well done. Yes, this truly is the great struggle in life, getting out if your own way.

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